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    [RYL Origin: ROW] JULY EVENT


    -100% of the used mall points will pay back with a medal.
    **Character must be logged in while purchasing items
    **Points for web draw and consumable item such as S armor ticket will not be paid back with a medal.

    - Users can obtain A grade item from Gold treasure box, and with a low chance good item drops (ex. Ichman 100 lucky Costume etc.).
    - All treasure box at Pirate Village will drop a higher level items (Up to 80 level items).
    - Added 8 sockets and increased HP and MP on fixed weapons.
    - Viceroy’s Protection can be purchased through medal store with 200 medals.
    - B grade item is 2 times higher than the current from all black market (4% chance).
    - Selling Typical potions at Tessetio and Unite and Pirate Town for a cheap price.

    - Item Machine NPC added on Pirate Village
    (Item machine guarantee 10 Fehu, and with a with an extremely low chance user can obtain Fixed Weapon, 100 Fehu, Function Stone, Evo att, def, and magic Accessories.)
    - Added Dragon Tran NPC at High War.
    - Increase drop rate of 1,000,000 (1M) box.
    - Decreased price of S Equipment 2000 medals to 300 medals.
    - The drop rate of Gem has increased *3 from all monsters.
    - Drop rate of Skill books and Cash item (Potion, Stone of Oblivion, etc) has increased *2.
    - Upgrade at Blacksmith (Refine) Rate has increased by 40% (Prev. +30%)

    - Exp for Map 4, 5 (CAERNAVON and KARTEHENA) has increased by 500%
    - Bronze key can be obtained from all monsters (Relatively high ratio).
    - All drop rate of Fehu has increased by 200% for all monsters except Map5.
    - Gem, Metal, and Fehu drop rate of all monster in Map5 has increased 500%
    - Removed the Metal and Fehu at the Medal shop

    - Exp of Map3 has increased by 900%
    - 2 New attack weapons can be obtained from two bosses on Map 1 with a very low chance.
    - 100M EXP Crystal ball and 3 kinds of Accessories are available in Medal shop(Map 1).
    (You will be able to level up only by Lv. 1 with the EXP Crystal Ball. Recommended for the character of Lv.60 or above)

    - A lot of B-Grade items as rewards for the low-level players (Under Lv.45)
    - Two A-Grade items of your class can be obtained from Lv. 56 quest 'Grak'auk'. The item level and the type are random.
    - The gem drop rate in mining has increased by 20%

    -ROW Team-