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    [RYL Origin: ROW] JUNE EVENT

    Thank you for supporting ROW.

    Before the end of the season, we would like to make some changed based on the user’s suggestion.
    We decreased the price of the S Armor (medal) and price of gems at the medal store, and increased the EXP boost at Low and High War.
    It will be good for new users to catch up the users.
    This June Event will be great for new people to start to prepare for the next season.

    Details about June Event are following below:
    - Increased EXP boost for each tower to 80% (Medal will not drop from the tower).
    - Increased Auto level at Pirate Village to level 74.
    - Lvl 75 S Armor Set can be purchased from Item Mall.
    - 100% of the used mall points will pay back with a medal
    - Viceroy Protection can be purchased through a medal store (200 medals).
    - Item machine NPC is added on Pirate Village
    For more details about the update please check the “UPDATE NEWS” in the website.
    Any suggestions about the server please contact GM Matt through discord or send an email to .
    We hope everyone enjoys the new changes and finishes the season!

    Thank you
    Best Regard/ ROW Team